Challenges in Infrared Extragalactic Astrophysics
15 - 18 September 2008
Aldemar Knossos Royal Village, Crete, Greece

Workshop Participants

Name Affiliation Presentation
Invited Speakers
D. Alexander Durham Univ., UK. "Deep X-Ray Surveys: what have we learned from IR Observation?" - "Census of AGN Activity on the local Universe"
A. Alonso-Herrero CSIS-Madrid, Spain
B. Altieri ESA/ESAC, Spain
P. Appleton Caltech/NHSC, USA "Warm H2 gas: Spitzer & Beyond"
L. Armus Caltech/SSC, USA
H. Aussel CEA/Saclay, France
F. Boulanger IAS, France
V. Buat OAMP, France
C. Cesasrky CEA/Saclay, France
P. Chanial Imperial College, UK
S. Charlot IAP, France
V. Charmandaris Univ. of Crete, Greece
R. Chary Caltech/SSC, USA "The first Gyr of galaxy evolution"
F. Combes Obs. de Paris, France "Detection H2 at high-z witrh ALMA"
E. da Cunha IAP, France
E. Daddi CEA/Saclay, France
K. Dasyra SSC/Caltech, USA
V. Desai Caltech/SSC, USA "Dust-Obscured Galaxies (DOGs)"
H. Dole IAS, France "The Extragalactic Background Lightand the Cosmic Infrared Background"
D. Elbaz CEA/Saclay, France
G. Helou Caltech, USA
N. Kylafis Univ. of Crete, Greece
E. Le Floc'h Univ. of Hawaii, USA "Recent results from the 24Ám observations of the COSMOS field"
D. Lutz MPE, Germany
G. Magdis Oxford, UK
B. Magnelli CEA/Saclay, France
S. Matsuura JAXA, Japan
P. Papadopoulos Bonn, Germany "Molecular gas in dwarf galaxy simulations"
A. Petric Caltech/SSC, USA
A. Pope NOAO, USA "Understanding the Formation of Massive Galaxies: The Submillimeter Phase"
D. Rigopoulou Oxford, UK
S. Salim NOAO, USA
N. Scoville Caltech, USA "Large Scale Structures in COSMOS"
L. Spinoglio INAF - Rome, Italy "AGN & Starburst diagnostics in the IR"
M. Trichas Imperial College, UK
P. van der Werf Leiden, The Netherlands "Dense Gas in ULIRGs"
L. Vigroux IAP, France

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