Interacting galaxies:

Studies of interacting galaxies are very important since they were very common in the early universe and are responsible for its current picture. In addition galaxy interactions often trigger vigorous star-formation and are responsible for activating the super-massive black holes present in the centers of the interacting systems. Hence they play an important role in the formation of the stellar content of the Universe and the growth of galaxies and their massive black holes. We study galaxy interactions mainly using infrared observations obtained with the Spitzer Space Telescope. Infrared radiation can penetrate through the dust which is ubiquitous in those galaxies and thence these data can give us a clear picture of the star-forming activity and the activity due to their nuclear supermassive black-holes. In addition we use observations obtained with other ground and space based telescopes (e.g. Hubble Space Telescope, GALEX, Chandra) in order to obtain a more complete picture of their activity and its connection to the interaction process.

Selected results from our group: