Faculty and Research Staff

Andrews, Jeff (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Phone: (+30-2810) 39-4234
Research Interests: X-ray and multi-wavelength studies of X-ray binaries
Publications: NASA/ADS - ResearcherID/O-2639-2015
E-mail: andrews@physics.uoc.gr

Blinov, Dmitry (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Phone: (+30-2810) 39-4245
Research Interests: Theoretical Astrophysics
Publications: NASA/ADS - ResearcherID/G-9925-2013
E-mail: blinov@physics.uoc.gr

Charmandaris, Vassilis (Professor)
Phone: (+30-2810) 39-4216
Research Interests: Infrared Astrophysics, Active Galactic Nuclei, Starburst galaxies, Interacting galaxies
Publications: NASA/ADS - ResearcherID/A-7196-2008
E-mail: vassilis@physics.uoc.gr

Kylafis, Nick (Professor Emeritus)
Phone: (+30-2810) 39-4215
Research Interests: Radiation Transfer, Compact X-ray Sources, Spiral Galaxies, Astrophysical MASERs
Publications: NASA/ADS - ResearcherID/C-4555-2011
E-mail: kylafis@physics.uoc.gr

Leonidaki, Ioanna (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Phone: (+30-2810) 39-4234
Research Interests: Observational Astrophysics
Publications: NASA/ADS - ResearcherID/K-4351-2013
E-mail: ioanna@physics.uoc.gr

Ntormousi, Eva (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Phone: (+30-2810) 39-4246
Research Interests: Theoretical studies of the ISM and star formation
Publications: NASA/ADS - ResearcherID/M-8747-2017
E-mail: entorm@physics.uoc.gr

Papadakis, Iossif (Professor)
Phone: (+30-2810) 39-4213
Research Interests: Active Galactic Nuclei, X-ray timing of accreting sources
Publications: NASA/ADS - ResearcherID/C-3235-2011
E-mail: jhep@physics.uoc.gr

Papamastorakis, Ioannis (Professor Emeritus)
Phone: (+30-2810) 39-4305
Research Interests: Observational Astrophysics
Publications: NASA/ADS - ResearcherID/G-7324-2011
E-mail: papamast@physics.uoc.gr

Pavlidou, Vasiliki (Assistant Professor)
Phone: (+30-2810) 39-4211
Research Interests: Multiwavelength, multimessenger high-energy astrophysics; indirect dark matter searches; structure formation and cosmology.
Publications: NASA/ADS - ResearcherID/C-2944-2011
E-mail: pavlidou@physics.uoc.gr

Reig, Pablo (Principal Researcher)
Phone: (+30-2810) 39-4248
Research Interests: X-ray binaries, X-ray timing
Publications: NASA/ADS - ResearcherID/A-1198-2014
E-mail: pau@physics.uoc.gr

Sell, Paul (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Phone: (+30-2810) 39-4234
Research Interests: X-ray and multi-wavelength studies of X-ray binaries, outflows from X-ray binaries and galaxies
Publications: NASA/ADS - ResearcherID/B-1283-2017
E-mail: psell@physics.uoc.gr

Tassis, Kostas (Assistant Professor)
Phone: (+30-2810) 39-4219
Research Interests: Star Formation, MHD modeling, galaxy formation, Dusty Plasmas
Publications: NASA/ADS - ResearcherID/C-3155-2011
E-mail: tassis@physics.uoc.gr

Williams, Stephen J. (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Phone: (+30-2810) 39-4243
Research Interests: Massive stars, resolved stellar populations in nearby galaxies
Publications: NASA/ADS - ResearcherID/L-3659-2013
E-mail: williams@physics.uoc.gr

Zezas, Andreas (Associate Professor)
Phone: (+30-2810) 39-4212
Research Interests: X-ray and multi-wavelength studies of X-ray binaries and ISM in galaxies, Active Galactic Nuclei, Interacting galaxies
Publications: NASA/ADS - ResearcherID/C-7543-2011
E-mail: azezas@physics.uoc.gr