Galaxies are the places where stars form and live their lives. They exhibit a wide variety of morphologies and colours which in general terms reflect their past history. Hence studies of galaxies provide information on the formation of stars over the history of the Universe and the growth of the super-massive black holes residing in their nuclei. Galaxies are very dynamic systems which often collide and merge to form larger galaxies. These interactions depend on the local environment of each galaxy and therefore studies of galaxies can provide information on the evolution of the Universe as a whole.

Our group has a deep interest in understanding the properties of galaxies and their evolution. In particular we focus on studies of:

which are based on Optical, Infrared and X-ray data from a wide suite of space and ground-based observatories.

In addition by using theoretical modeling of the spectral energy distribution these galaxies we study their physical properties.


V. Charmandaris, N. Kylafis, A. Maragoudakis, A. Psychoyios, A. Zezas