Scientific Highlights

The research interests of the group are focused on multi-wavelength observations and theoretical modeling of accreting sources, galaxies, supernova remnants, and the Ionized Intergalactic Medium.

We use data obtained with a wide suite of space obsevatories observing in X-ray, Ultraviolet, Optical and Infrared wavelengths. In addition we use data from ground-based optical and infrared facilities such as the Skinakas Observatory. The goal of these observations is: to understand the physical processes which produce the observed radiation, study the evolution of stellar systems and galaxies, and probe the baryonic content of the Universe.

The theoretical efforts of our group are focused on the radiation production mechanisms in accreting sources, the interaction between radiation and matter and the structure of galaxies.

Some recent results from our group include:
Annual Reports

A detailed description of the activities of the Group during 2016 can be found in our 2016 Annual report. Previous annual reports of the Group can be found here.

Publication list

A complete list of refereed publications since 2005 is available here