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High Energy View of Accreting Objects: AGN and X-ray Binaries

Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece
5 - 14 October 2010


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Scientific Rationale:

The rationale for this conference is to bring together experts in the physics of accreting objects (and their environments) at all mass scales, from stellar to AGN, to discuss critically the main, still open, issues related to the high-energy manifestation of these phenomena, such as: 
  • Accretion modes versus accretor mass
  • Inflows vs outflows
  • Feedback
  • Unification schemes
  • States and state transitions in neutron-star and black-hole binaries
  • Timing (QPO, ms, kHz) and broad-band spectral variability in X-ray binaries
  • Jet-disk connection in black hole binaries
  • Compact X-ray source populations in our Galaxy and other galaxies 

Invited Speakers:


M. Begelman
S. Bianchi
A. Comastri
D. Crenshaw
B. Czerny
M. Elvis
Y. Krongold
A. Laor
S. Mathur
I. McHardy
G. Miniutti
R. Mushotzky
M. Page
J. Reeves
N. Schartel
J. Turner
M. Watson
X-ray Binaries:

T. Belloni
J. Casares
M.J. Coe
T. di Salvo
C. Done 
P. Fabbiano
F. Haberl
V. Kalogera
E. Koerding
T.  Maccarone 
I. McHardy
R. Narayan
I. Negueruela
J.M. Paredes
A. Papitto
T. Roberts
M. van der Klis

Scientific Organizing Committee:

M. Elvis, B. Czerny, P. Nandra, F. Nicastro, M. Coe, T. Belloni, C. Done, P. Reig. 

Local Organizing Committee:

P. Bonfini, O. Gonzalez-Martin, N. Kylafis, G. Maravelias, F. Nicastro, I. Papadakis, P. Reig, A. Zezas.

This conference is sponsored by the project GA No. 206469 (REGPOT-2007-1) of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development of the European Union.

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